Interment Options

Burial Plots -Cochrane Cemetery are all double depth. This provides the following options for interments:

  • Two casket burials interred one at the lower level and one at the upper level.
  • One casket burial interred at the lower level and up to six (6) cremations on the upper level.
Burial Plots -St. Andrews and St. Mary's Cemeteries are closed to new purchases. Reserved plots have the following options for interment.

  • One casket burial interred in the single interment plot. Plot is then considered full.
  • Up to a maximum of four (4) cremation interments (no casket). Plot is then considered full.
Cremation plots (in-ground) are available in the Cochrane Cemetery only. These are double plots which allows for a maximum of two cremated remains whether in two separate urns or one companion urn.
Columbaria are located in St. Andrews Cemetery. Niches are above ground units in a wall and they can be purchase for either 
 one or two standard urns. (maximum combined urn dimensions 11"x11"x11").