Interment Options

Burial Plots

Cochrane Cemetery are all double depth. This provides the following options for interments:

  • Two casket burials interred one on top of the other.
  • One casket burial interred at the lower level and up to six (6) cremations on the upper level.

St. Andrews and St. Mary's Cemeteries are closed to new purchases. 

Reserved plots have the following options for interment:

  • One casket burial interred in the single interment plot. Plot is then considered full.
  • Up to a maximum of four cremation urn interments (no casket). Plot is then considered full.

Cremation plots

In-ground cremation plots are available in the Cochrane Cemetery only. These are double plots which allows for a maximum of two cremated remains whether in two separate urns or one companion urn.

Columbaria are located in St. Andrews Cemetery. Niches are above ground units in a wall and they can be purchased for either one or two standard urns Maximum niche dimensions: 11"x11"x11"