When is the Town responsible for infrastructure?

The developer of a new subdivision installs the infrastructure necessary to service the area: water mains, hydrants, sanitary and storm sewer infrastructure, roads, sidewalks, pathways, park areas, storm ponds, lift and booster stations, reservoirs, sound attenuation walls, drainage swales and so on. Once these have been installed, Town of Cochrane Civil Land Development signs a Construction Completion Certificate (CCC), accepting that they have been completed in accordance with the proposed design. A signed CCC is the beginning of a maintenance period where the developer is still responsible for any work or maintenance associated with the infrastructure. The maintenance period can be one to three years, depending on the utility. When the maintenance period expires, the Town performs a final inspection. If the infrastructure is in acceptable condition, a Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) is issued to the developer, relieving the developer of all maintenance obligations. Once an FAC is issued, the Town accepts ownership.

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