I have Alberta Blue Cross - What do I do and how long will it take?
The Town of Cochrane signed an agreement with Alberta Blue Cross effective January 1, 2006. For anyone who utilizes Cochrane Ambulance Service and has Alberta Blue Cross coverage, the Town can direct bill to Alberta Blue Cross for any of the eligible services provided. This applies to all Blue Cross subscribers including individual and employer group plan members, as well as, those who are covered through a government program sponsored by either Alberta Health and Wellness (eg: coverage for Seniors, non-group coverage), Alberta Human Resources and Employment, Alberta Seniors and Community Supports (eg: AISH) or Alberta Children's Services (Child Health Care package). All these government programs are administered by Blue Cross with Blue Cross rates applying in all instances.

In order for this arrangement of direct billing to work smoothly, all clients with Alberta Blue Cross coverage must present their Alberta Health Care insurance card and Blue Cross card at the time the service is provided. If we do not receive the required information at that time - or if your plan does not cover the total cost of the ambulance service - we will issue a bill. If you are a Blue Cross subscriber and receive a bill for the full service, please contact our office as soon as you can so that we may review the situation and, if possible, send in the claim directly to Blue Cross. There is a provided time period of one year from the date of service to make a claim to Blue Cross. Whether you are on a government program or a private group or have an individual plan the same basic information is required: your full name, correct mailing address, your date of birth, Alberta Health Care identification number, Alberta Blue Cross group number, class and/or section number and your identification number.

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