How do I follow up with residents who missed the roll out?

However, you chose to roll out your program, ensure you keep track of who attended events and who you spoke to. To reach those that were unable to attend events or were not home when you went door to door, consider leaving the brochures and program information at their door with your contact information so that they can contact you with questions. Use your newsletter or email distribution list to reinforce the messaging electronically. You could also set up a closed Facebook group for your property residents where information can be provided and residents can join in the conversation.

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1. Why do multi-unit complexes need to have an organics program?
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4. When do we need to have an organics program in place?
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10. Where can I get printed material?
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12. How do I plan the program roll out?
13. How do I follow up with residents who missed the roll out?
14. What if my residents don’t want to participate in the program?
15. What if I decide to make property alterations?