How does the Town of Cochrane keep proposal bidding fair?
We treat all bidders and vendors fairly and openly. We do so by following these guidelines:
• We provide a single source of contact for each bid to provide direct answers for each inquiry and to keep communication simple and consistent. In some cases, we post all questions and answers so that all interested parties have the same information.
• We only accept questions in writing and reply in writing (usually email) to maintain an accurate, chronological and e-discoverable record. If a bidder asks a verbal question, they are directed to send the inquiry via email. Text messages are not considered.
• If one vendor has done any previous work for the Town of Cochrane, the Town will disclose that an incumbent contractor exists and may bid. This is sometimes the case in the process of a vendor review, which will allow an incumbent to compete for a renewed contract with new bidders. This inclusion will never guarantee that an incumbent will receive the contract again, so participation by new bidders is always welcome.
• We ensure that all our RFP documentation is drafted in general terms, enough to satisfy the project specifications and Scope of Work (SOW), but not to the point of only appealing to the capabilities and resources of one particular bidder/vendor.

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