How can I find the amount I paid in property tax last year?

Your previous tax information is here on the Town website:

  1. Go to eServices
  2. Click on the blue Sign in box
  3. If you know your User Name and Password, enter it

Don’t know or don’t have an Username and Password? 

No problem. You can register and access your information immediately by clicking on the blue Activate word. All you need is your recent Assessment Notice or Tax Bill. 

  1. To register, go to eServices and click on the blue Sign in box
  2. Then click on the blue word Activate
  3. Then fill out the Log On Information form and click Next
  4. Then from the information listed on your bill, select an account type, enter the account/roll number, and either the Customer ID for taxes or the name on the bill for Utilities (exactly as it is shown on the bill)
  5.  Then click the box - I certify that I am the above-mentioned person and that all information provided is accurate
  6. Then click the box I’m not a robot and answer the verifying questions
  7.  Click Next
  8. Follow the instructions noted in the email you will receive.

Note: Keep your Under Name and password handy for future logins

To find your property tax balance, levy, or payments once you are logged in:

  1. Click on the blue roll number
  2. Select the blue Balances / Transactions tab at the top
  3. Your current year’s tax balance will be listed first
  4. To view your levy, assessment value, payments go to Transaction History by scrolling half way down the page
  5. Log off

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