Can I skate on a stormwater facility?

There are no circumstances in which stormwater facilities are safe for walking, skating or any other use: the surface may look solid, but changes underneath present a significant danger. Stormwater facilities are not formed naturally. They are specifically created to take run-off from local streets and filter it before it flows into the river.

There are a number of reasons they are not safe:

  • inlet and outlet pipes keep water continuously flowing beneath the frozen top layer
  • the ice surface varies in depth across the whole surface. It may appear thick in some areas, but other areas may have little or no ice —you won’t be able to tell by looking
  • snow often obscures holes in the inconsistent icesalt content in the runoff from roads impedes the water’s ability to freeze (remember: this is salt used to melt ice on the roads)
  • Town crews actually lower the water level under the ice to reduce H2S gas levels. This creates a dangerous air pocket between any ice that has already formed and the top of the water

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