What should I do if my pet is lost?
First of all, don't panic! There are many things you can do. Double-check with members of your household to ensure that no one has your pet, or knows where your pet is. Do a thorough search of your home: if you have lost a cat or small dog, look carefully through closets and hampers, behind furniture and any other small space your pet could be hiding in.

Enlist the help of friends and family to search the neighbourhood. Ask them to carry cell phones so they can contact you when they find your pet. Contact neighbours, local vet clinics and other animal shelters to ask if they have seen your pet. To find out if your pet is at the animal shelter, call 403-851-2532 to arrange an appointment to view impounded animals. Place a lost pet report on Petlynx. If necessary, make posters with your pet’s picture to put up around your neighbourhood.

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1. What should I do if my pet is lost?
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