Can I still provide feedback?

All public engagement has now closed, however input can be provided through the Council process at the Public Hearing. 

The Public Hearing is being held February 14, 2022 at 5:30pm at the Cochrane Ranchehouse, where any member of the public may attend to provide or hear comments. If you would like to speak at the Public Hearing (5 minute time limit) you must arrive before the start time and sign the speakers list. If you’re making a presentation, please send us a copy by 10am February 10, 2022 to Town of Cochrane, 101 RancheHouse Rd or (quote Bylaw 01/2022). Questions can be directed to

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1. What is the Land Use Bylaw?
2. Why is the LUB being updated?
3. What is changing in the Land Use Bylaw?
4. Will the Land Use Bylaw Review project impact my property?
5. Was the community consulted?
6. Can I still provide feedback?