How and where can I pay my taxes?

The Town of Cochrane offers a variety of payment methods for property taxes (CREDIT CARDS & INTERAC E-TRANSFERS ARE NOT ACCEPTED) 

  • In Person Visit the Town administration office at the Cochrane RancheHouse, 101 RancheHouse Road, between 8:30am and 4:30pm, Monday to Friday and pay by:

Interac: please bring your property tax bill and ensure that your daily limit is large enough to pay your bill. 

Cheque: we accept cheques post-dated on or before the due date indicated on the tax bill

  • In person after office hours Drop your money order, cheque or bank draft in the drop boxes outside of the West entrance of the Ranchehouse or FCSS; remember to include the remittance portion of your notice. Do not drop off cash.
    • Cochrane RancheHouse
      101 RancheHouse Rd
    • FCSS
      209 Second Ave W
  • Mail (include your payment and the remittance portion of your notice)
    Town of Cochrane, 101 RancheHouse Road Cochrane AB T4C 2K8
  • At your bank or credit union
    Set up the Town as a bill payee through your regular bill payment system; your roll number is your account number. Allow three business days before the penalty date to ensure payments are processed on time. Please retain all documentation.
  • TIPP
    Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) allows you to pay your property taxes in equal monthly installments instead of a single annual payment. Call 403-851-2288 or 403-851-2522 to register to avoid penalties.

Please note: credit cards are not accepted for property tax payments.

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