How is the LUB enforced?
The Town of Cochrane is divided into several land use districts that include residential, commercial, industrial and blended (mixed-use) districts. Each district has a specific set of rules that govern use and development for parcels within it. Rules may be specific to the design, size, and use of new or existing buildings, or may establish parameters for redevelopment, such as building an extension or addition for a specific use.

To develop, change the use of, or build anything in Cochrane, applications are required so Town planners can ensure proposed development aligns with the vision for Cochrane. The Town may request changes to an application or, otherwise, award approval. As the Development Authority, no building or development can occur without approval from the Town. The LUB provides a systematic approach for decisions to ensure all applications for land use approvals are treated fairly, and to ensure consistency of interpretation.

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1. What is the Land Use Bylaw (LUB)?
2. Where are the various land use zones located?
3. How does the LUB affect citizens of Cochane?
4. How is the LUB enforced?
5. Can I suggest changes to the LUB?
6. Why is the Town amending the LUB?
7. What sections will be amended?
8. What is the timeframe for the review and revision process?
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