Why is the Town amending the LUB?
The Town of Cochrane is experiencing significant growth and change. Over the past few years, policy documents such as the MDP have been updated with input from the community to better reflect our shared vision for the future. This review — the first in nearly ten years — will examine the LUB for consistency with planning and other documents and to move our shared vision forward. The review and update process will also give us an opportunity to ensure the LUB is clear and easy to understand.

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1. What is the Land Use Bylaw (LUB)?
2. Where are the various land use zones located?
3. How does the LUB affect citizens of Cochane?
4. How is the LUB enforced?
5. Can I suggest changes to the LUB?
6. Why is the Town amending the LUB?
7. What sections will be amended?
8. What is the timeframe for the review and revision process?
9. How can I get involved?