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1. What is the difference between Community Peace Officers and RCMP?
2. Can a Community Peace Officer write speeding tickets?
3. What is the speed limit in town?
4. What is a traffic control device?
5. Can I park a vehicle in the back alley?
6. Are vehicles allowed to idle?
7. Where can I pay a ticket?
8. Can I park my recreation vehicle / motor home / utility trailer on my driveway?
9. How long can a trailer be parked in one spot on the street?
10. Can I wash my vehicle on my driveway or road?
11. How soon after a snowfall do I have to shovel my sidewalk?
12. Do I need to maintain the boulevard that borders my property?
13. Does the Town have a Noise Bylaw?
14. Can I have a clothesline in my yard?