fire prevention branch

Fire prevention is one of the foundations of the fire service. Cochrane has two full-time safety code officers whose roles focus on fire safety & public education, fire inspections, fire investigations, plan reviews and issuance of permits.

Fire Apparatus Cards

Introducing a new initiative for this year, fire apparatus trading cards. Each card features a specific fire apparatus. In addition, a QR code is included on each card that when scanned will open a video for the apparatus. 

Each video is narrated by fire fighters that use these trucks and offers a personal tour of the truck and equipment used on it. This is the next best thing to being there sitting in the seat and touching the truck. Important fire safety messages are incorporated in these informative videos and cards. The first card for Aerial 151 is available below in a format to print at home with a link to the video. More cards coming soon!

Aerial 151Card for PrintLink to Video
Engine 151Card for Print
Link to Video
Rapid Response 151Card for Print
Link to Video

Fire Code

All businesses and building owners are responsible to comply with the National (NFC).  Fire Prevention helps ensure businesses meet these requirements by conducting regular fire inspections. The Town of Cochrane’s Quality Management Plan dictates how often fire inspections are required for each type of business. New businesses must contact the fire services office for an initial fire inspection prior to opening for business. Private residences may be inspected by request, or if a fire hazard has been reported.

All dollar loss fires or fires resulting in injuries or fatalities must be reported and investigated for cause, origin and circumstances. Once the fire investigation is completed, the information is submitted to the provincial fire commissioner’s office. The fire commissioner’s office then uses this information to identify potential hazardous products or make recommendations to the National Building and Fire Codes for life and fire safety.

Occupancy load certificates are required for businesses or buildings with a load capacity of more than 60 people such as restaurants, community halls, schools or churches. These certificates can be requested through the Fire Prevention branch.


Fire prevention also works closely with other Town departments to ensure new subdivisions and buildings are designed and built to the most recent code requirements, regulations and guidelines. Fire prevention is often involved in issuing special permits or certificates.

Fire prevention is a proactive resource for businesses, schools and anyone else in Cochrane who requires information or recommendations regarding fire safety plans, fire drills, replacement of smoke detectors and selection of fire extinguishers.