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Festival and Event Application


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  • Before you start

    1. We're here to help!

      We know how important community events are and appreciate the time and effort needed to plan them!

      Town staff want to help you plan the safest event possible. Please submit applications at least six weeks in advance of your date to allow time for a thorough review.

      For sports fields bookings, contact Operations by calling 403-851-2590.

    2. Important! You won't be able submit your application without uploading the following documentation. Please have your scanned copies ready before you begin. Applications submitted without supporting documentation will not be considered.

      Detailed Site Plan:
      Your site map will include the location of staging, scaffolding, tents, booths, portable toilets, fencing, sponsor and event signage, parked vehicles, activity or games areas and other significant elements.

      If plans include the use of pathways, please include your route map.

      Interactive, downloadable maps are available on the Town site here:

      Select "Receive an email copy of this form" at the end of this application and include your email address. If you do not receive a copy, contact us to confirm your submission was received.