Street Sweeping

Each subdivision will be scheduled for a single day of sweeping outside of the areas waste and recycling or organics collection day. The Roads Department asks for resident cooperation so they can clean up our community. 

Residents are asked to find alternative, off-street parking while their street is scheduled for sweeping. Please use driveways, alleys and parking lots where possible. Street sweeping is important to the maintenance and safety of Cochrane roads. Please be a good neighbour and move your vehicle to off-street parking on sweeping days, any vehicle that has not been removed from the street in the area is subject to ticketing. Once signs are removed from your area you can resume on-street parking.

Developer maintained roads

In some new areas of our community, streets are developer-maintained (shown in grey on map below).  When this area is officially turned over to the Town it will be included in the annual street sweeping program. 

If your street is marked in grey on this map you can reach out to your developer to find out when they will be sweeping your road.

Link to map

Street Sweeping Ad 2023-01-01

Pre-sweep underway

Crews are also sweeping main collector roads, but at night to avoid disrupting traffic. Night cleaning is also starting on boulevards; crews will be out with power brooms and blower packs, along with the sweeper. The work is noisy and dusty, but efforts are made to keep disruption to a minimum.

Cleaner streets = cleaner water

Cleaning winter debris off the roads keeps it out of creeks and rivers. Since our drinking water comes from the Bow River, the more we can do to keep dirt, gravel and other winter debris out, the cleaner our drinking water is.

Sweep off your driveway

Want to get rid of the winter debris on your driveway? Simply sweep it onto the street away from the curb and we’ll scoop it up. Now your driveways’ clean, and your street is clear and safe for drivers, cyclists, in-line skaters and neighbourhood kids.

Avoid flying gravel

Hate chips in your window? They’re usually caused by debris from the car in front of you. Loose gravel can crack your windshield and chip your paint. It can also cause cyclists to slide out of control, in-line skaters to trip, pedestrians to lose footing and vehicles to skid. That’s why we clean it up!